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Shared Tolerence Appreciation Respect (S.T.A.R.)

   The STAR Program is a MAHA developed program implemented to educate spectators as to the proper behavior, before, during and after youth Hockey games played around our state. This was to have a standard code of conduct that is observed through out the State of Michigan. Before you can take the ice at the begining of each year the code of conduct form is to be signed by both parents of a player particapating in MAHA sanctioned games.

   The STAR program gives the opportunity to report violations of the code of conduct (found on the site). We believe that hockey is a very passionate sport. Sometimes emotions will bubble over. If some situation has upset you and you feel it needs to be reported, use the 24 hour rule. Sometimes waiting the extra time will allow tempers to cool. If you are very sure that the incident requires immediate attention then by all means go to the website( linked on this page) and file your concern. Be sure to review the code of conduct form, to be sure the violation you are about to report pertains to the code of conduct. STAR is for parental behavior, reports of coaching violations and referee concerns are thru a different venue. Many times we will receive reports that are not violations of the code of conduct with regards to parental behavior.

STAR Incident Report

Please use this link to file an incident report for S.T.A.R. violations pertaining to the Code of Conduct.

S.T.A.R. Video

Please view the link provided. This is required viewing with the signing of the code of conduct form. ..... >YOUR SIGNATURE MEANS YOU HAVE WATCHED THIS VIDEO<......