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SafeSport & Concussions

SafeSport Hand Book

SafeSport is a USA Hockey Program implemented Nation Wide for the protection of Youth Athletes and to provide training and guide lines for all individuals involved with youth sports. The complete handbook has been posted for you to read. I suggest that you go to the USA Hockey training site and complete the module to inform you of the program. Taking the test upon completion is not a requirement for parents but i suggest you complete the modules.

SafeSport Training

this link will take you to the USA Hockey Training Module for SafeSport

Injury Prevention & Control: Traumatic Brain Injury

This Link is a wealth of information about concussions. We have the stance that any player which leaves the ice due to a possible concussion should not return to the ice prior to 48 hours of monitored behavior. Then the return should be limited to no Physical contact, skating / off ice training only. That return should be closely monitired. If no symptoms return then the player should be able to return that next day. This applies only to players who left the ice due to concussion like symptoms, and were diagnoised NO Concussion. If the Diagnosis is concussed the only way a player may return to physical play is thru the signed release from the attending Doctor. It is strongly recomended to have your player tested for what is called "Base line" testing. Which is used to track head injury progression. This is the starting piont in which any further head injury will be compared to to judge the severity of damage done over time. .... more links and information to come....